Top 10 Alleged Ways To Acquire Supernatural Abilities

We all want to be superheroes, unless you prefer to join the dark side. Either way, your success relies on the superpowers that you possess. So whether you want to learn black magic, possess superhuman strength, or simply become invincible, knowing how to acquire your own superpowers will give you more alternatives besides getting yourself bitten by a genetically engineered spider.

10. Obtaining Grimoires

Grimoires are textbooks of magic popular in the voodoo culture of Haiti. Many believe that they first circulated in Europe during the 18th century where they used to be mass-produced in the forms of The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses. However, the earliest grimoires were found inscribed on various clay tablets in Mesopotamia. The clay tablets discovered date back to as early as the 5th century BCE. Knowledge of their existence began to spread when the ancient Library of Alexandria opened around the 3rd century BCE. Grimoires are easily the most feared of all books since they are related to witchcraft and black magic. They contain instructions on how to summon spirits, cast spells, and perform rituals.

One of the creepiest grimoires ever found is the Grand Grimoire, which is officially owned by the Roman Catholic Church. Some people also refer to this book as the Red Dragon or the Gospel of Satan. This book is kept in the Vatican Secret Achieves where it remains hidden from the public. It contains demonic evocation and occult spells written by the apocryphal Honorius of Thebes, who many claimed was possessed by Satan in an attempt to tempt King Solomon with the magical book. This particular book is rumoured to be indestructible and impervious against fire.
Today, finding the original and authentic copies of grimoires can be a challenge since many people are trying to produce countless counterfeits of the eerie books.


9. Finding an Amulet

Amulets are mysterious objects with natural energies. They are often observed in Buddhist countries as wearable jewelries believed to be possessed with spirits, incantations and charms.
An amulet protects its owner and gives him supernatural powers that will deliver him from harm’s way. In several instances, amulets were believed to have saved people’s lives from bullets, knives and accidents.
In Choburi Thailand, a CEO named Somkiat Kruwongpaiboon was able to survive with only minor injuries after he crashed his $300,000 Lamborghini in an accident. The accident was so horrific that it left his sports car torn in halves. The paramedics who rushed to the scene were surprised when they saw him almost unscathed. He credited his luck to his Great Garuda- a Buddhist amulet surrounded by tiny diamonds.


8. Inheriting the Powers of Aswangs

Shapeshifters are human-like mystical creatures that can take the form of a monster or animal of their choice. They also have an insatiable appetite for human flesh and blood.
In the Philippines, an Aswang is easily regarded as the scariest and most powerful kind of shape shifters. Villagers in remote areas believe that these creatures are just commoners during daytime, but their curses and rituals can turn them into ruthless, blood-thirsty monsters at night. They may either transform into huge bats to fly unnoticed, or turn into massive black dogs with fiery eyes ready to disappear in the darkness at any moment.
Before an Aswang dies, it usually passes its powers to another person. It is believed that an Aswang in agony will never die until it is finally able to pass the source of its power. A person who wants to inherit the Aswang’s supernatural powers would have to swallow the bead coming out of its mouth before it can finally die.


7. Practicing Ritual Cannibalism

Today, we view cannibalism as an abnormal and abhorrent behaviour. However it has been widely practised by ancient societies as a way to interact with their gods and other entities of the spirit world.
The ancient Egyptian civilization, just like other ancient societies, believed that there are spiritual powers residing within the human body. As a result, they ingested human flesh to acquire these powers.
A Pyramid Text written during the period of Egyptian Old Kingdom was translated by Jacob Rabinowitz. The translated texts then revealed the shocking truth about the ritual cannibalism performed by these ancient people. Here is the excerpt from the Pyramid Texts discovered:
The king orders sacrifices, he alone controls them,
the king eats humans, feeds on gods,
he has them presented on an altar to himself,
he has agents to do his will. He fires off the orders!
The king eats their magic, he gulps down their souls,
the adults he has for breakfast,
the young are lunch,
the babies he has for supper,
the old ones are too tough to eat, he just burns them on the altar as an offering to himself. (Pyramid Text 273-4, Old Kingdom)


6. Becoming a Buddha

Buddhism is also known as Dhamma or Buddha Dharma, which simply means the “teachings of the Awakened One.” It was founded around the fifth century BCE by Siddhartha Gautama who is Buddha himself. Buddhists pursue the path to enlightenment by devoting most of their attention to the practice of concentration and meditation into the void. They believe that overcoming their desires and inner selves is necessary to attain the highest enlightenment in the form of Buddahood.
Although Buddhists are not desirous of supernatural powers, they claim that the acquisition of these powers comes simultaneously once the state of full Enlightenment is achieved. Some of the supernatural powers they can acquire in this state include divyacaksus (instantaneous view of anything anywhere), divyasrotra (ability to hear any sound anywhere), paracittajnana (ability to know the thoughts of all other minds), purvanivasanusmrtijnana (knowledge of all former existences of oneself and others) rddhi-saksatkriya (the power to be anywhere or do anything at will), and anasrava, where all the previously mentioned powers become limitless and greater in power.


5. Spiritual Possession

Many incidents of spiritual possessions are recorded in the history of mankind. In movies, we witness how the spirits impose harm to their human hosts, as is the case with Anneliese Michel, alternatively known as Emily Rose, who eventually died despite numerous attempts to exorcise the evil spirits that possessed her.
However, one interesting account in the Bible tells us that a certain slave girl in the city of Philippi had acquired the powers of divination and prophesying through spiritual possession. This naturally brought wealth and fame to her masters.
As written in Acts 16:16-19, the slave girl followed Paul and his group for days while crying out, “These men are the servants of the most high God, who preach unto you the way of salvation.” But Paul being grieved made the spirit depart from the girl. Doing so angered the slave’s masters who had Paul and Silas badly beaten by the people and later imprisoned.
In another case, Clara Germana Cele, a Christian student at St. Michael’s Mission in Natal, South Africa, suddenly became clairvoyant of the thoughts and histories of the people around her after she allegedly made a pact with Satan on the year 1906. More than a hundred people saw the 16-year old levitating as the priests read the Scriptures in an attempt to exorcise the spirits that possessed her. They were finally able to do so within the two days that followed.


4. Eating Cursed Foods

Vampires are undeniably one of the most popular monsters of all time. They are often depicted as immortal, powerful, and cold-blooded killers who have an unquenchable thirst for human blood. Fictional movies and books suggest that they too possess super powers aside from being immortal.
In the Philippines, a legendary tale about a vampire named Maria Labo can easily be regarded as the most gruesome of all the vampire legends ever told. After all, we don’t often hear of people telling stories about a lovely wife cooking her two sons and serving them to her husband for dinner, do we?
Legend has it that Maria Labo used to be just an ordinary housewife living a happy life with his family in the province of Capiz. Due to poverty, she was forced to leave the country and work as a caregiver in Europe where she took care of a dying old man. The same old man tricked her into eating human flesh and cursed foods, which later turned Maria Labo into an immortal vampire who could appear right at your doorstep once you mention her name.


3. Using Magical Herbs

Sorcerers, specifically those who practice the witchcraft of rootworking known as Hoodoo, have peculiar knowledge about the mysterious and magical properties of plants. Because of this, they treat plants as vital ingredients in making different kinds of powerful potions meant for love, sex, revenge and wealth.
In some places, indigenous people use a wide variety of herbs to alter consciousness and enter a trance state during their rituals and ceremonies. Most of them are aware of their hallucinogenic and narcotic properties which they effectively use for spiritual journeying and divination.


2. Practicing Qigong

Qigong is the method of harnessing and redirecting the universal energy called “chi”. It is an ancient Chinese exercise that literally means “breathing exercise.” Qi means “life force/breath” while gong means “cultivation” hence the literal translation. It is regarded as the core of Chinese Medicine, Chinese Martial Arts, and Chinese Meditation.
Many practitioners of Qigong believe that mastering this art can give a person supernatural abilities. Take Master Zhou for example. Master Zhou as his name suggests, is an expert practitioner of Qigong who claims that he can control and manipulate the Qi within his body at will. According to him, he can vaporize water and make random things combust by channelling the “chi” through his hands. You can check his videos and see for yourself.


1. Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is the altering of genetic makeup in order to make a living organism acquire the ideal qualities and characteristics that are supposed to be improbable to possess. Simply put, it is science’s highly complex attempt to produce its very own version of Superman.
The year 1999 marked the birth of an extremely strong child with unbelievably muscular body in Berlin, Germany. Although not much information was given about the subject, the researchers led by Markus Schuelke, a neurologist at the University Medical Centre in Berlin, claimed that by the age of four, the boy had no trouble holding 6.6 pound dumbbells suspended horizontally at arm’s length.
The results of the studies conducted claim that the boy’s superhuman strength is the result of a mutated gene that restricts the production of myostatin, a complex protein in humans that inhibits the growth of human muscles.
The good news is, they were able to copy the child’s mutated gene which can be combined with other remarkable genetic mutations. Doing so might give birth to a real-life superhero with remarkable superhuman abilities.

Genetic Engineering

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