Top 10 Best TV Shows In The World

From the ancient Roman drama to most futuristic space odysseys and from the psycho killers to Mexican drug dealers when it comes to TV Shows we all have our tastes, but when it comes to TV Shows there is always one show that we just can’t get enough of. Thus today our team has gather together a list of best TV shows in the world.

It is difficult to compare two shows having completely different genre thus for our countdown to the number 1 we have considered several factors such as Story, longevity, Cast. However the most important of these attribute for determining our ranking is shows fan following. So enjoy the read while we build our way for the number best TV Show.

10. The Walking Dead

With the number of Zombie movies releasing every year, many were skeptical about “The Walking Dead” to make it big on the small screen shows. However the first episode of the series itself clears all the air as it manages to gather a huge fan following. The series is involved with a lot of charter development and is not about all out zombie killing machines

We know a lot of people are attracted to this genre for various different reasons but we’d like to think we all share some connection when zombies are involved. The acting is top-notch and very believable. A drawback with many TV-series is that the effects are usually quite tacky. However, here it’s quite the opposite. Everything looks very realistic and quite disgusting, in a good way. Due to this reasons we mark “The Walking Dead” as number 10 on our list for Top 10 best TV Shows.

the walking dead

9. Supernatural

From Angels and Daemons to Vampires and from Shape Shifters to the Devil (Lucifer) himself, this show has got every supernatural character that are believed to exist across various parts of the world. This is a dark, moody show that understands how to use the television medium. The story isn’t exactly complex, but the storytelling technique pulls you in and holds your attention, making you want to know more about the supernatural beings and the rules that govern their shadow world.

The show also has little bits of humour placed here and there, which, when done right, is always a plus. Some of the best shows/movies are ones in which one minute you are sitting on the edge of your seat biting your nails and the next you are laughing at some irony. The show has reached 10 Seasons and still has not shown any signs of slowing in terms of fan following. Because of its longevity and fan following we mark “Supernatural” as number 9 on our list for the Top 10 Best TV Series in the world.


8. How I Met Your Mother

HIMYM really captures some of the humorous albeit awkward situations that late twenty-something are finding themselves in these days. The humor is edgy, unpredictable, and audience of the show find themselves reminiscing about those first few years after graduation from college and struggling to find oneself out in the real world.

One of the main reasons this show comes to on our list is one of the characters in the show named Barney Stinson whom the audience simply can’t get enough of. With the punch lines like: “Suit up!” “Phone Five!” “Not awkward guys, it’s only awkward if we make it awkward” he simply charms the audience. This series is now completed with a total of 9 Seasons. And even though the series lost some popularity towards the last few seasons still it was good enough to make the number 8 on our list for the Top 10 Best TV Series in the world.

How I Met Your Mother

7. House MD

Yes, it is another medical drama (and haven’t we seen enough of those?) but what this show lacks in originality it makes up in character. Namely – Dr. Greg House.

House is a cranky, cynical, highly intelligent doctor with a limp that specializes in unusual medical cases. Each week he and his team of doctors tackle some new medical mystery. With the use of CSI camera views and mouth-numbing medical jargon, the show tries not to bore you to tears with the specific case. There are a total of 8 Seasons for “House MD” and despite being focused on limit options of Medical cases, this show still managed to attract huge fan following (which included many doctors). Thus we mark this series as the number 7 on our list.

house m.d

6. Doctor Who

This series takes everything that made the original series popular and puts it together for a new generation. The villains, the ideals and the themes all reflect a world that people are living in today. The script for the show is witty in the right places and serious where it needed to be. The series manages to bring excitement, ingenuity, intelligence and fun with clever concepts and great dialog.

Doctor Who has got one of the most loyal fans following which involves audience from all age group. Entire family can sit together and enjoy this show, which is not the case for some of the other shows on this list. It is often very difficult to live up to the expectations of the predecessors, however this series manages to exceed on those expectations. Thus we mark this series as the number 6 on our list.

Doctor Who

5. The Big Bang Theory

It seemed very difficult for this series to generate the fan following that it has as it was looked as comedy show for intellectuals. However this turned out to be the first TV show to really showcase nerds with pretty much dead on accuracy for comedy. The scripts are filled with scientific references some people might not understand but they are very witty.

Despite a reluctant start from the fans, this show has managed to gather a huge fan base and has completed 7 Seasons already (Currently running into 8 Season). And in our view it is also currently the best comedy show on air. Thus we mark this series as the number 5 on our list for the Top 10 Best TV Shows in the world.

The Big Bang Theory

4. Gotham

The seventy-plus-year-long Batman saga is fundamentally a fable about morality. It asks if one man can make a difference, against inconceivable odds. The limitation of the premise is that this one man has amazingly super-human abilities – a vast intellect, enormous wealth, Olympian athletic abilities, and few, if any, human frailties. Gotham, the series digs a little deeper into this saga by raising a question. Could such a person exist? It’s a fascinating premise which is sure to get a lot of attention especially after the high standards set by Christopher Nolan with this saga in his Batman movie series.

Gotham is just running into its first season and yet manages to rank number 4 in our list. It has been received very well by the fans so far. Because of the storyline and the reception of this series by the fans we expect it to be one of the best TV series in upcoming years. Thus we give “Gotham” a number 4 on our list for the Top 10 Best TV Shows in the world.

Who knows how Gotham will develop? So far, it has been a real breath of fresh air to really rotten and overused genres (cop shows and comic heroes).


3. Breaking Bad

Cranston plays Chemistry teacher Walter White. He has a loving wife, a child with Cerebral Palsy and another is on the way. He also happens to be dying from an inoperable lung cancer situation, which happened although he “never smoked.” His finances in disarray, the once great student of science turns to crime to solve his problems.

Breaking Bad touches on the very same themes, “living realistically as a middle class in the United States” which often makes us resort to extremes to survive. Like the mother and daughter team that robbed the bank. Breaking Bad is one of the most popular shows and has reached its finale in its 5th season and it makes the number 3 on our list for the Top 10 Best TV Shows in the world.

Breaking Bad

2. Sherlock

This show presents some pure brilliance in its delivery of fan favorite fictional detective. Hard to believe that a series could create a setting in modern times where the illustrious Holmes and Watson set off on their adventures and absolutely get it right, in every aspect. In the modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes series, Sherlock lives in London in 2010 and is fond of texting on his Blackberry and hosted a website.

It is difficult to call it a series as each season of Sherlock has just 3 episodes and usually airs only once in a year, and yet it has created unprecedented fan following for such a short running series. With one of the biggest fan following for such a short series we mark “Sherlock” the number 2 on our list for the Top 10 Best TV series in the world.


1. Game of Thrones

There is enough brain-dead television. But once in a while a show comes along that transports you to another world and makes you believe in the magic of television again. Game of Thrones is one such show.

It is complex, multi-layered, surreal, vibrant, imaginative and it draws your eye in to the surprising level of detail, from the sweeping vistas, to the narrow dungeons, from the beautiful castles and magnificent trees, to the contrasting landscapes. It is worth watching just for the scenery alone.

It’s based around great families on different sides of the world, the stories their members have to tell and the secrets they hide. And there are many secrets. All of these families are fighting for the Iron Throne (Thus the name).

Adapted from famous book series “Game of Thrones”, this series completely wipes out all the other competition in its scale and the fan following. The fan base of this series is unparalleled by any other and thus we mark this series as the number 1 on our list for the Top 10 Best TV Shows in the world.

Game of Thrones


For preparing our list we have considered the TV Series that have been aired in past 5 years or so thus some of the fan favorites like Friends didn’t make our list. Apart from this some of the well-received TV Series like “Suits” and Dexter also came close to being on the list but we only have space for 10.

Also there are some new TV shows that have recently started like “Da Vinci’s Demons” and “Constantine”. We are very optimistic about making them Big in the coming years.

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