Top 10 Things Every Woman Wants

Men want things but they are generally fairly straight forward in the things they want. Some would say simple. Woman are more complex beings and the things they want are not so straight forward. Or are they?

10. Flowers

It seems a bit odd to put Flowers at number 10 but that just goes to show the depths of a woman’s heart and the complexity of a woman’s desires. Oh, and flowers are at the less expensive end of the gift spectrum and fairly easy to get so, as nice as they are, and undoubtedly they should be on this list, they are never going to rank very highly.

Flowers represent beauty and grace and bestow on the receiver that beauty and grace. Every woman is beautiful and being given flowers proves it.

What women want - Flowers

9. Expensive Clothes

There are all sorts of fashions and all manner of styles of clothing, but the best example of whatever style a woman wants will always be more expensive than a poor example of that style.

And like flowers, high quality clothes are beautiful and bestow on the wearer the beauty they carry. Of course women like to look beautiful because they have a better chance of mating with a similarly beautiful male, but even setting that aside, women simply like to look nice.

Expensive clothes are nice to look at, nice to touch, highlight good features and hide bad features and, at the more expensive end of the expensive scale, are rare if not unique. Just like a woman.

What women want - expensive clothes

8. To Be Loved

Well everyone likes to be loved, but women especially like to be loved. And not just loved, but reeeally loved.

Fair enough to. Being loved infers all sorts of nice things. It means you are desirable, it means you have someone to protect you, it means you can have kids and raise them in a family situation. It means you are special.

When you are loved by someone who also loves you the world is a wonderful place and who wouldn’t want that.

What women want - to be loved

7. Chanel No. 5

Chanel No. 5 was first released in 1919 and quickly became an iconic perfume that wasn’t simply nice to wear, it had an allure that went beyond the realms of ’scent’. Today the name Chanel No. 5 reeks of class, beauty and wealth and it is these wonderful attributes that are bestowed upon the wearer.

But more than simple class, beauty and wealth, Chanel No. 5 is a byword for falling in love in Paris, lying by a pool in St Tropez, being taken to dinner on the banks of the Thames, a room full of magnificent flowers, clothes shopping in Milan or reading the weekend paper on a sun drenched living room rug.

Like most of the things a woman wants, Chanel No. 5 is unique.

What women want - Chanel No. 5

6. An Unlimited Supply of Dom Perignon

In our research for this list it was surprising how regularly and how high French Champagne was ranked as something women desire. Although we didn’t look for particular brands, Dom Perignon was mentioned enough times to warrant inclusion.

The new world have mastered many of the French wine styles, but Champagne (and Chablis) remain distinctive and a cut above similar wines from other areas of the world.

Champagne has a heritage that any royal family would be proud of, it has a lightness in the mouth that defies the weight of taste and the length on the palate. It makes the drinker happy but not obnoxious, giggly but not abusive and lots and lots of fun.

When you consider Champagne closely it becomes obvious how well it fits into this list. Diamonds, flowers, perfume, handsome men, castles, they all go hand in glove with a good champagne. Preferably a Dom Perignon.

What women want - French Champagne

5. To Be A Princess

We’re not taking the mickey here. Women know they want to be a princess for a princess nicely encapsulates all the other things a woman wants. Wealth, admiration, servants, designer clothes, designer shoes, fine food and wine, handsome and daring suitors and jewels. Oh, the jewels!

It also allows a socially minded woman to do lots of charity work and focus the world’s attention on the issues of poverty, persecution and disaster relief.

Most importantly though being a princess allows a woman to live in a castle with guards and a moat around it and there is no safer nest in the world than a castle with a moat around it.

Of course there are plenty of princesses that live in the real world without much money, without servants or designer clothes and without the means to travel to the world’s slums with a camera crew in tow. To the man in her life she is a princess and that’s all that counts.

What women want - to be a princess.

4. A Diamond Ring

Diamonds are a girls best friend. They are beautiful to look at, rare, well relatively rare, they glitter and can have lovely glints of color, they will last forever (unless they are lost or stolen) so can be passed on through the generations, and they are unique. Just like the woman.

They are also a very good barometer of a man’s love for his partner. Women have an innate ability to work out the income:carat ratio of a diamond she receives from her partner and if this ratio is high it’s not a good look for the man.

For example, let’s say a 1 carat diamond (200 milligrams in weight) costs $3,000. If the mans income is $30,000 the income:carat ratio is 10. If the mans income is $300,000 the i/c ratio is 100. A woman is subconsciously looking for an i/c ratio of less than 5 and ideally, 1. So the man with a $30,000 income really needs to spend $6,000 on a diamond to meet the i/c ratio test of 5. God help the man earning $300,000, although there’s quite a bit of disposable income there.

Whether it’s the inherent beauty of the diamond or the tradition that’s been built up over many centuries, the giving and receiving of a diamond ring has a special place in a woman’s heart.

What women want - a diamond ring

3. World Peace

World Wars tend to put a woman’s home at risk and that’s just too close to the core to be acceptable, not to mention taking the men folk away. World Peace is much more conducive to a happy and stable family life.

Women don’t like guns and things that make loud explosive noises. It’s just not their thing. They don’t even know how to punch another person properly although they can scratch and shout quite well.

If the world was a truly peaceful place then we could all do nice things together, like go shopping, do lunches and watch romantic comedies and sitcoms.

Women are nurturing by nature so although world peace would deny them damaged war veterans to nurture, their strong instinctual longing for a peaceful and safe existence takes precedence over just about everything else.

what women want - world peace

2. George Clooney

George Clooney has received too many “sexiest”, “handsome-est” and “nicest” awards to list here, not to mention actual Academy and other film industry awards. He is stunningly handsome, a great actor, filthy rich, exceptionally well connected all over the world and a model for all socially-minded philanthropic types.

In short, he is far and away the most eligible bachelor in the world. But not for long. He is set to marry the equally handsome British Human Rights lawyer, Amal Alamuddin, although Alamuddin’s parents seem to be less than keen on the idea because Clooney is not a Druze Muslim. They are ‘unimpressed’ with his Hollywood background and think Amal could have done better. Good luck with that!

Married or single, George Clooney will remain high on the wish list of all sane women around the globe.

What women want - George Clooney

1. An Unlimited Credit Card

Well it’s totally unreasonable to think that a woman should be made to exist within the constraints of a budget. How on earth could she reach her potential if she had to worry about how much money she was spending.

Unlike a purse full of cash where it is very obvious that the amount of cash remaining is declining as it’s being spent, or an ATM that shows the account balance after a withdrawal, an unlimited credit card has no beginning and no end so there is no reference point to act as a spending brake. Which is exactly as it should be for the woman who needs to get on with her life.

The trick of course is to find a bank that will give you an unlimited credit card and not require monthly repayments, or, on the reasonable assumption that such a bank doesn’t exist, someone to take care of the monthly repayments for you.

What women want - an unlimited credit card.

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