Top 10 Strange Phobia’s

There are hundreds and hundreds of documented phobia’s so listing just 10 strange phobia’s was never going to give the true picture of the extent of this issue. Instead we’ve got 10 groups of phobia’s that impact people in different ways.

A phobia is an unrelenting, illogical or unreasonable fear of just about anything. For people who suffer from phobia’s (said to be more than 10% of the population at any one time), it is a debilitating condition that often goes hand in hand with some form of depression, anxiety or substance abuse. While this list has been written to be entertaining we acknowledge it is a very real issue. If you have a phobia there are treatments and coping strategies available and you should consult you doctor.

10. Phobia’s that Make Traveling Difficult

There’s no question that it would be difficult to do any serious traveling if you had difficulty with any of these.

Siderodromophobia: Fear of trains, being on a train or train-like transport
Aviophobia: Fear of planes and of flying
Agoraphobia: Fear of being outdoors, especially crowded public places
Agyrophobia: Fear of crossing roads or streets or the street itself
Amaxophobia: Fear of riding in a vehicle such as a car or bus
Bathmophobia: Fear of steep slopes or stairs
Cainophobia: Fear of new things, of starting something new
Cymophobia: Fear of waves and sea swells
Dystychiphobia: Fear of accidents, including hurting others

9. Closed Loop Phobia’s

Unlike many phobia’s where you can avoid the situation or object in question, these phobia’s are pervasive and must, to some extent, feed on themselves. At the very least, trying to rationalize this type of phobia would be almost impossible.

Dementophobia: Fear of going mad or insane
Phronemophobia: Fear of thinking or being aware of thinking about something
Mnemophobia: Fear of memories and of losing memories
Chronophobia: Fear of time or controlling events in the context of time
Barophobia: Fear of gravity and of being crushed or of floating away
Ideophobia: Fear of ideas and having new ideas or reasoning
Phobophobia: Fear of phobias, fear of developing a phobia or fear of the fear
Apeirophobia: Fear of infinity and understanding infinity

8. Phobia’s that are Pretty Strange

Some phobia’s are easy to understand, others are more difficult. These one’s seem to be really unusual and really pretty strange.

Omphalophobia: Fear of touching, looking at or even talking about belly buttons
Lutraphobia: Fear of otters
Asymmetriphobia: Fear of asymmetrical things, things that lack symmetry
Aulophobia: Fear of seeing, touching or being near flutes
Dextrophobia: Fear of anything that is placed on the right side of the body
Geniophobia: Fear of chins

7. Phobia’s that Would Be Difficult to Live With

As already mentioned, some phobia’s can be avoided but some are just inherent in our everyday lives. Living with any of these would be really difficult.

Optophobia: Fear of opening your eyes
Kathisophobia: Fear of sitting down or staying still
Papyrophobia: Fear of paper or paper like objects such as wrappers
Phengophobia: Fear of dawn, daylight or sunshine
Laliophobia: Fear of speaking, with others or even when alone
Vestiphobia: Fear of clothing, often a particular type or style of clothing
Ambulophobia: Fear of walking or even standing
Clinophobia: Fear of going to bed or of falling asleep

6. Phobia’s that are Fair Enough

Phobia’s have different degrees of intensity and it’s pretty safe to say that not many people don’t feel some level of anxiety or fear about this horrible lot.

Noctiphobia: Fear of night or darkness and what might be there
Nosocomephobia: Fear of hospitals and being admitted to hospital
Pentheraphobia: Fear of a mother-in-law getting involved in the marriage
Nyctohylophobia: Fear being in a forest at night
Panthophobia: Fear of contracting a disease and the suffering it would cause
Agliophobia: Fear of feeling pain or watching others in pain, even actors
Politicophobia: Fear or abnormal dislike of politicians or voting political processes
Selachophobia: Fear of sharks, even pictures of sharks
Ergophobia: Fear of work, the work environment or work activities
Merinthophobia: Fear of being tied, restricted or bound
Soceraphobia: Fear of parents-in-law and particularly their disapproval
Tomophobia: Fear of upcoming surgical operations or procedures
Atomosophobia: Fear of nuclear explosions or nuclear war
Dentophobia: Fear of dentists or dental hygienists or a dental practice
Hellenologophobia: Fear of ancient Greek or Latin terms or scientific terminology
Helminthophobia: Fear of parasitic worms or being infested with worms
Coulrophobia: Fear of clowns or mime artists

5. Phobia’s that Make Socializing Difficult

Many phobia’s relate to interacting with other people or going out into society or the world more generally. However these phobia’s would make it almost impossible to go out and have a good time.

Anthropophobia: Fear of people or human company or socializing
Deipnophobia: Fear of dinner conversations or dinner parties
Cherophobia: Fear of happiness, fun or gaiety
Geliophobia: Fear of one’s own laughter or the laughter of others
Allodoxaphobia: Fear or even hatred of other people’s opinions
Telephonophobia: Fear of making or receiving telephone calls
Sexophobia: Fear of interacting with the opposite sex
Gynephobia: Fear or even hatred of women
Androphobia: Fear or even hatred of men
Methyphobia: Fear of drinking alcohol or even watching others drink alcohol
Cyberphobia: Fear of computers or computer related technology
Ablutophobia: Fear of washing or having a bath or shower
Chaetophobia: Fear of human or animal hair, particularly hirsute people
Chorophobia: Fear of dancing, particularly losing inhibitions by dancing

4. Phobia’s that May Make You Sick

Many phobia’s don’t have a direct impact on physical health but these one’s certainly have the potential to.

Cibophobia: Fear of food and dread of having to eat
Iatrophobia: Fear of going to the doctor or of doctors
Nosocomephobia: Fear of being in a hospital or having to go to one
Pharmacophobia: Fear of taking medicine or the thought of having to take medicine
Lachanophobia: Fear of vegetables particularly because they grew in dirt
Rhypophobia: Fear of defecation and the associated germs

3. Phobia’s That Might be Good For You

Some phobia’s may inadvertently protect you and actually be good for you in the long term.

Theophobia: Fear or even hatred of gods or religion
Verminophobia: Fear of germs in particular because they could be anywhere
Tyrannophobia: Fear of dictators or tyrants
Traumatophobia: Fear of injury or doing anything that might cause injury
Autodysomophobia: Fear of someone who has a vile odor

2. Sad Phobia’s

All phobia’s are sad, but these are particularly sad for the sufferer.

Hedonophobia: Fear of enjoyment or feeling pleasure
Nostophobia: Fear of going home
Athazagoraphobia: Fear of being abandoned, forgotten or ignored
Atychiphobia: Fear of failing or doing anything that risks failure
Euphobia: Fear of hearing good news or sharing in someone’s happiness
Melophobia: Fear or hatred of music
Philemaphobia: Fear of being kissed or of kissing

1. The Very Last Phobia’s You Want

If there are two phobia’s you really wouldn’t want it’s these two.

Panophobia: Fear of everything
Genophobia: Fear of sex


We can’t leave this topic without having a look at some of the phobia’s our famous celebrities get.

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