Top 10 Most Popular Marathons In The World

Based on number of registrations and number of runners reaching the goal, we have listed the Top 10 most popular marathons in the world. These marathons observe maximum people participation. Along with the runners, spectators are there who watch the race. Usually, each participant is accompanied by one or two people, resulting in magnificent event.

People gather from all over the world and apart from running the marathon, they get to travel to those places which are usually very interesting with great number of tourists.


TCS Marathon Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Marathon, held since 1975, is one of the fastest marathons in Europe and is well organized. It has been honoured by the IAAF with the Gold Label for Road Races. As if this was not enough, the start and finish are at the Olympic Stadium, a luxury for any marathoner. The extremely flat course, good public attendance, cheering with effusion are some of it’s highlights. The circuit passes through interesting places of the city, which in itself is a tourist tour.

Amsterdam, the Venice of the North, for its many canals, is a very interesting place to spend a few days touring and holidays, while the marathon run.


SSE Airtricity Dublin Marathon

The Dublin Marathon, held since 1980, has gradually been increasing the number of participants, many of them from outside Ireland. The circuit that is reasonably flat, with some ups and downs, especially one in the last kilometres takes its toll on the legs of tired riders. It begins in Fitzwilliam Square and ends in Marrion Square, former home of geniuses of literature as Oscar Wilde and WB Yeats. Many people are encouraged all the way by spectators. This is known as the “Marathon Friendly” by the friendliness of its people who support the corridor and cheer.

Great organization, Wonderful for sightseeing while in Dublin and more affordable than other marathons in Europe are highlights of this Marathon.


Honolulu Marathon

The JAL Honolulu Marathon is one of the largest in the world. It is popular for its exotic location on the island of Hawaii. Most participants are from Japan, as well as its main sponsor Japan Airlines. It began in 1973.

The track is challenging because of temperatures and humidity at sea level and wavy path. But many participants place it among the top ten in the world. It’s a marathon to enjoy few days of sightseeing and holidays in this famous tropical island.


Boston Marathon BAA

The Boston Marathon is one of the six that makes to the World Marathon Majors, the annual competition that brings together the six most important marathons in the world since 2006.

The Boston Marathon is the oldest in the world, celebrated first time in 1897 and held since then continuously. In 2013 it suffered an attack within three hours after the winners crossed the finishing line, resulting in suspension and many runners leaving without finishing.

Although the marathon has a great reputation, the brand validation rules, not considered for the records, because it has the lowest arrival to departure. It has very strict rules for registration, having to prove brands of American marathons or six Majors.


Tokyo Marathon

The Tokyo Marathon is another one of the World Marathon Majors. It won in record time since the first edition of this marathon was held in 2007 and in just six years in 2013, was included in this elite. This year participants increased by 1000, reaching 36,000, to celebrate the tenth anniversary.

It’s a marathon to enjoy an excellent tour, fairly flat, through emblematic areas of the city, with great animation in the streets and a magnificent organization. Considered the best marathon in Asia. Besides, Tokyo is a wonderful city to visit and enjoy.


Berlin Marathon BMW

The BMW Berlin Marathon is one of the six Majors. This was first held in 1974 with the participation of 286 runners, a figure that is constantly rising to the current figures of over 45,000 participants. The race starts at the Grosser Stern Square, under the Victory Monument and across the city in all directions and through streets and historical monuments. You get to the finish line in the famous Brandenburg Gate.

Currently, given the demand for participation,a draw is held. It is difficult to get in but hey, there are ways to do it if you really want to go to Berlin because it is one of the most famous in the world and the city deserves it too.


Marathon Bank of America Chicago

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon is one of the six that form the World Marathon Majors, along with London, New York, Tokyo, Berlin and Boston. Its first edition was held in 1905, with only fifteen runners, among which only seven managed to reach the finish line. Since then it has been growing in people and fame, until now involving more than 45,000 runners including world elite of this sport.

Legendary marathon runners from around the world, join together with family and friends and enjoy the race as well as the magnificent city.


Virgin Money London Marathon

Virgin Money London Marathon, held for the first time in 1981, has since grown in number of participants and global importance, so much so that it is one of the six World Marathon Majors. Its route runs along the Thames River and passes through the most emblematic areas of the city, ending on The Mall, next to St. James Palace.

This marathon has a feature that runs between two hemispheres, East and West, since its route crosses the meridian of Greenwich. the dorsal get to participate, as in New York, by drawing them, so it is a bit difficult to get.


Schneider Electric Paris Marathon

Paris Marathon, has been held in the French capital since 1976. It is called Schneider Electric Paris Marathon and attracts over 50,000 runners from over 100 different countries. It is one of the most important marathon in the world, not only by the number of participants, but by their organization, deployed services and media coverage.

Running the marathon is combined with walking the streets and squares of the city’s most prestigious locations. Starting from the Arc de Triomphe towards the Champs Elysees, Place de la Concorde, Place de la Bastille, forests of Vincennes, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Bois de Boulogne, it finishes in the Avenue Foch, near the Arc de Triomphe.


TCS Marathon New York City

It had most Participants Finishing in 2015, the most famous, the most massive of all. Every marathoner wants to run in this marathon at least once in their life. It started in 1970 with 127 registered runners, 126 men and one woman and 55 of those managed to cross the finish line. Since then the New York Marathon has grown to become one of the most important races and busiest in the world.

It constitutes 54,000 athletes, thousands of New Yorkers, more than two million viewers in the streets of the city and more than ten million viewers. It is part of the six World Marathon Majors.

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