Top 10 Music Blogs You’ll Love

Music blogs represent everything that’s good about the internet. They give voice to so many independent, passionate music writers that most likely could not be heard any other way.

With the world of music more diverse than it’s ever been we need some help in finding the gems that are out there and it’s great not having to rely on the corporate music machine to feed us whatever it thinks will make it the most moola.

10. Invisible Oranges

Metal may not be to everyone’s taste, but if it is then you are in for a treat because this site is pretty damn good. There is a rich supply of quality content and a good spread of contributors to balance out tastes and preferences.

The website is straight forward but engaging with just enough functionality to keep you moving.


9. Buzzbands

Kevin Bronson, ex LA Times music man, started Buzzbands over five years ago and today it’s as vibrant as ever. The site is packed full of great content and while it is weighted to the LA scene it has a good mix.

It’s also a great resource for venues and other blogs in LA. But hey Kevin, limit the pop up ad to one or two pop ups will you. Please.


8. Rap Radar

To keep up with what’s going on in the world of rap this is the site. Big, bold and packed with everything you need and more. Love it.


7. Pretty Much Amazing

It’s tempting to say that this blog is pretty much amazing, but we won’t. However it is really pretty good. Luis Tovar and his band of brothers and sisters put out great quality content across genres that are going to please most people.

This is a true independent music blog so you’re not going to find every genre, every artist and every new release the day it comes out, but you are going to enjoy well written articles and no doubt find some musical gems thanks to, well, yes, they are Pretty Much Amazing.


6. Augasm

Aurgasm have been going for about ten years. Was the internet even invented then? They are a well balanced collective of people who clearly really love their music.

They cover a broad range of styles from all over the world, particularly stuff that’s out of the mainstream. Having been around for so long they have a lot of content although it’s probably not added to as much as we’d like.

A little bit more functionality would also be nice. Latest posts?


5. Adobe and Teardrops

Adobe and Teardrops has only been going for a few years but it feels like they’ve been around forever. That fits with the music they like, stuff that has real instruments, guitars, drums, that sort of thing.

Even the website looks like it’s been around for ever, and again, that’s a good thing. Inviting, easy to get around and packed with great content.

Like it a lot.


4. Potholes In My Blog

PIMB has a strong cast of contributors and this really does hit the button if you’re into alternative hop hop and the LA styles. Great content and a great website to go with it so you can get right down to the important stuff, like getting to know some new music.


3. All Songs Considered

All Songs Considered is part of NPR so there’s not just the blogging going on here, there’s all sorts of stuff about all sorts of music. It’s quite a feast in there. New music, old music, jazz, electronic, hip hop, folk.

Can they be all things to all people? Well, yes they can. Great content is great content and these guys put out some great content.


2. Aquarium Drunkard

When you get into Aquarium Drunkard you are getting into the world of Justin Gage, and that’s not a bad thing. He’s a great music man and Aquarium Drunkard shows us why.

There is a great collection of contributors to the site and a great collection of content to go with them. If you’re into the stuff they write about you will probably be into the bands on their record label, Autumn Tone Records.


1. Hype Machine

Wow, Hype Machine has some very, very cool features, but some people are not going to like it. You see they don’t actually do any blogging themselves. They don’t review, interview, go to gigs or any of that stuff that real music bloggers do.

What they do do, and do brilliantly, is pick up every artist that’s mentioned on every one of 813 blogs from around the globe. You can listen to the track, connect back to the source blog, buy the track through iTunes or Amazon, set your alerts and all that stuff.

It’s a great way of keeping on top of your favourite sounds and you can use their catalogue to look through new music you might not have heard before. It you like a track just go back to the source blog and read all about it.

Very convenient and great access to a lot of great music blogging. We like it a lot.



Spotify, in many ways the antithesis of a music blog, hit us like a tidal wave not that long ago. It now lists over 20 million songs and adds 20,000 songs every day. 20,000. Every day. 24 million users have created 1.5 billion playlists.

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