Top 10 Best Investment Options For Best Return On Investment

Most of us dream of retiring in Panama or Spain by the time we turn 45. To make this dream come true it is of utmost importance that we not only save a lot of money but we also make the most out of our investments.

With growing economic concerns and improving quality of life styles, saving money has become very difficult. So it is particularly important to get the best return on investment. Thus today our team has tried to compile a list of investments based on Returns and Risk associated with each option. It is important to note that like every investment there are risks associated with below provided list. Based on individuals age and appetite to take risks they can choose which ever option they find suitable.

10. Company retirement Plans

Today most of the corporate employers provide their employees with retirement options. In these plans employees can contribute a portion of their salaries to an account which they can usually withdraw after their retirement. In many countries the employers also match a portion or entire amount contributed by the employees towards their retirement funds. These retirement funds are also associated with some form of compounding interest component which can be as high as 9% or 10% annually in some of the countries.

Company retirement plans are usually regulated by countries regulation authorities and are usually associated with lowest risk ratings. Attractive fixed interest rates with low risks make Company retirement Plans as the number 10 on our list for Investment Options for best return on Investment.

Company Retirement Plans

9. Forex

Forex or Foreign exchange market, also called the currency market. Is a market where currency pairs are formed (e.g. EUR/GBP). In Forex market the traders can bet on one currency against another currency. And based on the performance of the currencies against each other the trader can earn money. One can keep a short term and long term goals in Forex.

Country’s currency is generally seen stable for a short period of time however we saw a sharp dip of 20% in Rupees (Indian Currency) due to bad economic policies since 2013. Because of looming economic crises and economic concerns in Europe, betting in one of the currencies against the other can be seen as an attractive option, and thus we mark Forex as our number 9 for Investment Options for best return on Investment.

Forex, Foreign exchange.

8. ART

Yes you can really invest in Art. Art admirers would say buy ART if you like looking at it and not to make money. The index of fine art sales, used by art advisors to sell art funds, shows an average annual return of 10% over the past four decades.

The Fine Art Fund Group is making it easier for investors of all income levels to put their money into fine art. Many believe that the Art Index is highly overvalued. Investing in Art is also a very risky option as many times it depends on how famous the producer of that piece of work will become. But lucrative interest rates of 10 % over a long period of four decades nonetheless makes investing in ART as the number 8 on our list for Investment Options for best return on Investment.

Investment in Art

7. Corporate CDs

Easiest way to describe Credit Default Swap or Corporate CD is insurance against non-payment. In this type of investment the buyer of the CD speculates that the third party taking the loan would default with their payments. And in the event of a loan default buyer of the CDS receives compensation, and the seller of the CDS takes possession of the defaulted loan. Corporate CDs first became infamous in 2008 as many experts believe that CDs along with other Derivatives were the prime reason for 2008 Slowdown.

Despite their notorious popularity we still believe that they are good option for investment with some of the corporations providing as much as 6% annual interest on Corporate CDs.

Corporate CDs, Credit Default Swap

6. FIIs

Foreign institutional investors are nothing but investors investing in foreign indices, be it Mutual Funds or Stocks or Commodities. There are many regulations for FIIs in every country with many countries allowing a percentage of every industry to have foreign investments.

Foreign investments are lucrative because for many developed countries the returns earned by investing in local investment options are not as high as that from the growing economies like India and China. Growing economies have very lucrative GDPs and they usually provide better returns than developed economies. This comes at a cost of dealing with local taxes for each country. Despite having very attractive rates of up to 20% or more annually, FIIs comes as number 6 for Investment Options for best return on Investment because of the difficulties in managing overseas funds and local tax laws.

FIIs, foreign institutional investors

5. Insurance products

Though not the best form investment in terms of interest earned, insurance are very import form of one’s portfolio. Currently there are tons of options for getting an insurance plan and based on the contracts for insurance many Insurance providers give lucrative interest rates as well on insurance.

Though we do not recommend seeing Insurance as an investment, it is important to note that some insurance plans can serve a dual benefit of Life cover as well as provide some interest amounts on maturity of the contract. Because of its dual benefits for providing cover in an event of an unfortunate incident and interest for the paid premiums we mark this as number 5 for Investment Options for best return on Investment.

Insurance Policy, Insurance Products

4. Gold

Shakespeare’s admonition that “all that glitters is not gold” has endured for good reason. Gold has dominated as a lucrative investment option over Millennia. And gold is still seen as a best commodity in most of the countries. The reason for this is there is only limited amount of gold available in the world.

With better mining equipment and large scale mining machineries we have managed to limit the surge in gold prices so far. However with growing demand for gold we cannot rule out a major upside movement in gold prices over next decade or two. You can also read more about why Gold has value.

Gold, Investment in Gold

3. Mutual Funds

Mutual funds have become one of the most popular means of investment in past 20 years or so. In US alone more than 80 million people invest in Mutual funds. If you don’t have enough time to bury your face entire day into Wall Street Journal then mutual funds is a way to go.

There are many options in the mutual funds be it Debt Related funds, Equities Funds, Hybrid Funds or Gold ETF; Most popular of those being Equities Funds. Mutual funds provide as much as 20% annual returns and are usually managed by highly qualified fund managers, thus we mark this mode of investment as the number 3 on our list for Investment Options for best return on Investment.

Mutual Funds

2. Stocks

Many countries do not provide an option for Mutual funds; moreover mutual funds are associated with some form of Expense ratio. I.e. amount paid for managing the funds and investing into indices. If an individual has patience and appetite to learn then there aren’t any better options than investing in stock markets.

If one can pick a growing business at the right time then nothing can provide better returns than the stocks. A famous example of an investor turned entrepreneur is of Warren Buffett who is currently the number 3 in the richest people on the planet list. Since investing in Stocks need a lot of research for each stock and it is associated with a lot of risks, this option for investing in stocks still doesn’t make the number 1 on our list.


1. Real Estate

With growing population in the world and limited availability of land we observe major surge in real estate properties all across the world. One can monetize ones properties in many ways, be it Rental accommodations or lease agreements. Along with increase in the property valuations the property owner can also enjoy monthly rentals from the properties.

Real estate is usually associated with least risk category in most of the countries despite the housing market collapse in 2008. And with dual benefit of monthly rentals/ income and overall increase in property value over the time we mark this way of investment as our number 1 on the list for Investment Options for best return on Investment.

Real Estate Investments


Apart from above investment options, it is also important to measure the opportunity for investing in one’s own Ideas. If we can create our own customer base and we manage to sale our products or our services to the customers then none of the above options would be able to match with the returns earned on our own business.

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