Top 10 Horror Movies

This is a diverse collection of movies within the Horror genre with blockbusters like World War Z mixing it with the indie film Warm Bodies, a Carrie remake and the franchise Insidious Chapter 2. Scary, scary films.

10. Evil Dead

A pretty good remake that really goes to town with the blood, gore and black eyes. A cabin in the woods and five friends who unwittingly release evil into their midst. One by one by one they must battle the evil possessing them and the gore grows. There’s a cellar. Watch the credits.


9. V/H/S/2

A collection that’s definitely better than the first so don’t ignore it based on the past. Two private eyes discover a collection of disturbing DVD’s as they are looking for a missing person. The DVD’s offer up horror, thrills, spills and action in equal measure. Each DVD is a short story by a different director and most of them are full feature film quality. Aliens, ghosts, zombies, this is a real fright fest with some spine tingling moments.


8. Mama

Some heavy hitters were behind the creation of this movie and it comes through on many levels including the acting and directing. Two young girls are left alone in the woods after their father goes awry and they are found five years later and taken in by their uncle and his rock chick girlfriend. But were they alone in the woods and are they still alone now? This is not a gore-fest but it certainly is super scary. There are plenty of real jump-fright scenes and, happily, no reliance on pseudo frights. You will leave the lights on when you go to bed after this one.


7. Warm Bodies

A thrilling mix of horror, romance and comedy, we just loved the combination and the way the movie took the audience seamlessly from one genre to the next. Even having zombie ‘R’ falling for the human girl works well. It’s original with enough scary jumps to keep you on edge, enough laughs to keep you smiling and enough heart warming threads to get you very attached to the characters. A worthy if slightly surprising top 10.


6. Byzantium

Horror in a vampire fantasy guise that looks great and makes very good use of the locations to add feel to the plot. It’s an engaging story that keeps us interested, if not always guessing. Beautifully shot and well acted, the film isn’t an action flick but it keeps moving nicely. Sleek and sexy like all good vampire films.


5. Dark Skies

Equal sci-fi thriller and horror movie, Dark Skies builds slowly but surely and has some genuinely scary sequences and plenty of tension as it builds to its climax. Some of the scenes are reminiscent of other horror movies, even going back to Hitchcock, but all are done extremely well. The use of suggestion is particularly good. Good acting, good cinematography and a good all round flick.


4. Insidious: Chapter 2

Another James Wan effort and a damn good one at that. Yes, it’s as good as the original. The scares are there aplenty, the acting’s good and the tension builds and releases well without relying on false tops. The story continues on well from the first film and doesn’t need to spend too much time setting up the characters, getting on with the tension and scares instead. Disturbing. Terrifying. Sequels are often a let down. Not this time.


3. Carrie

She’s back. Carrie White is a shy student who is regularly picked on by the rest of the students at her school. She also has the added bonus of a really screwed up mother. Luckily she has telekinetic powers that she uses to very good effect, particularly on Prom night where she gets some very, very gory revenge on her main antagonists. True to the original film from the ’70’s which was based on a Stephen King book. Blood aplenty.


2. World War Z

What starts as a normal day in the city quickly turns into the apocalypse. Brad Pitt spends a lot of time keeping his family safe and travelling the world trying to piece together what caused the zombie pandemic. There isn’t anything too new to the story line but it’s been done really well here. Great effects, great zombies, fast paced action and some genuine tension. Unlike a lot of zombie movies this one gives us zombies with some zazz. Watch out, they really can get you. A top class end-of-the-world zombie thriller.


1. The Conjuring

When the Peron’s move into a dilapidated farm house on Rhode island they have no idea what is about to hit them. Luckily the Warren’s, top paranormal investigators, are on the case but even they struggle with the scale of what’s going on here. This movie is the real deal. Truly scary, well cast and well acted, top class script and directing. The look and feel of the film harks back to the best horror films of the ’70’s while the use of case notes from some of the Warren’s real life adventures adds authenticity to it all. Be prepared to be very, very scared, but enjoy the quality of this great horror film.


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